Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The White Album

Since Mr White was missed yesterday with a new photo I thought I'd add a couple extra of him from this evening. His new name is Jax, Invictus Casino Royale, and he is, as mentioned, headed to The Rock. He is sending up a prayer to doG that his new family is going to give him lots of yogurt because he *loves* it.

I'm sure he will have no trouble goose-stepping his way into their hearts.

I hope they like nibbles because he does what his Daddy does - nibbles when he's happy. I have more than one bruise thanks to those little love bites! Pillows okay ... my skin ... not so much.

Oh Zayi (Yellow). You sure know how to get a gal's attention. Fortunately these shoes cots me $2 at the Dollar Store, can't beat that deal for puppy shoes!

Delta says "There's a tail here!" It didn't take her long to realize it was attached to her own body when she bit down on it.

Cash (sitting) and Shelby( laying) are demonstrating why I love this litter so much. Look at those faces. Perfection.

Settling down for a sleep on the lion. I've had that lion since 2007 when I got it as a part of a Halloween costume per The Lion Meets his Match - check it out for photos of a 6 1/2 month old Raimi.  

It's a well loved lion. Clearly. It's lasted 4 years in a house full of growing Ridgebacks ... it's one lucky lion! Now it has a Shelby head resting on it ... what lion could want more?

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