Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Grow the Rushes

The amazing thing about these puppies is how fast they grow. What's not amazing is how darn cute they are. It gets harder and harder for me to choose photos to post because they are all so cute and I think everyone should see them as I do ... as darling babies who have their wholes lives ahead of them.


Franko, Mr Green as was, is looking pretty chill for a puppy on a clock. Less than two weeks before he gets to go live in the Valley. I'm sure he can handle it ... he's a pretty relaxed sort of fellow.

Miss Pink, who may or may not be Shelby, is headed to Ontario. I hope her new family is prepared offer lots of little bunnies to play with! I got this at the Dollar Store so at least it won't break the bank!

It is one popular little rabbit and made the rounds to various puppies. Cash, Maroon in a former life, had his own turn chomping on the little cottontail. He'll be neighbours with his brother Franko in The Valley.

Zayi, who will be staying with me until she is 4 months old, is already learning to sit up straight for good posture. She needs to make a good impression so the French let her into their country.

Cisco, Mr Red once upon a time, is gnawing on a blanket ... actually, that's my foot under there. The puppies love Leeloo's binkie, the one I bought for her for the winter to cover her while she sleeps (make note people, these puppies will like that too). I think they love it because it's plush ... Ridgebacks have a habit of being drawn to anything ultra soft.

Gotham thinks he's Mr Chill, he used to be Mr Black, but now he's got his own name he's just kickin' back lovin' life. Look. Into. My. Eyes.

Delta says "Pick me!" It's not hard to pick her since she's such a sweet gal and loves the cuddles. All the puppies like to use their feet and poke with their noses so watch out for jabs in the eye and someone kicking at your door to be let in.

Why the long face Cora? Everyone is getting a new home except you? Aw. Well, you get to stay here and get beaten up by play with your Mommy and Daddy.  They will take good care of you and Esme will make sure to herd you to safety if you stray too far. Besides Zayi is staying a bit, you'll have someone your own age to play with for a while.

This is my Bunny now. Luke, a couple chapters ago known as Blue, got hold of that bunny and loved it up something fierce. He thought it was the Greatest Bunny Ever.

I think I used this photo a couple days ago of Mr White, as yet un-named, but I realized I didn't have another photo of him from yesterday. Plus, he's so darn handsome he bears repeating. He and Luke are going to Newfoundland ... watch out Newfies!

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