Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Princess Diaries

So Miss Pink gets her own blog today because I did miss her in the past two entries when I was trying to get everyone's photo on the blog in a failed attempt at being fair. I guess this is an early lesson for her about how life isn't always fair - that's one lesson best learned as soon as possible. She gave me a disbelieving look that said "Whatever Extra Mom, just put me on the blog."

She has grown to be the same size, and larger, than some of the boys now. Clearly Her Highness gets her fair share of the food and then some. She is always sporting a full tummy and chances are she feels this is exactly how it should be. In my world a full puppy is a quiet puppy so no complaints here.

I am impressed how active this litter is, they are making leaps and bounds in the walk-about department and are incredibly steady on their feet for just over 2 and a half weeks. I even have one trying to get over the side of the whelping box so with their large number, high activity rate and two attempted prison breaks I had to move them into their larger expen earlier than anticipated. Miss Pink demonstrates her mad skills at walking ... now she just needs to get that royal wave perfected and she's set.

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