Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love Bites

Remember the teeth. Puppies will chew just about anything, they get worse when they are teething but right now they are tasting everything and exploring their world by which I mean destroying my house. When you don't have hands you investigate things with your nose and teeth. The crinkly cat tunnel is taking a beating that's for sure. They love that it crinkles, love that it moves, is both soft and hard and they can ambush each other.  Miss Yellow here, who's new name will be Zayi or Invictus Charlie's Angel, thinks it's the perfect chew toy.

Gotham/Black took chewing on the cat tunnel very seriously. He was playing in and out of it for some time but in the end it kicked his butt.

There are other things to chew though, the box the cat litter came in for instance. Mr Maroon thought it was the perfect height to gnaw on for a moment or two. It really is true that the cheapest toys are often the most appealing. Right now there is a empty water bottle being attacked ... go figure.

Chewing on your Momma gets you a chewing back. Now that Leeloo is easing off feeding them and her responsibility level is lowering, she feels more comfortable playing with them. Miss Orange, or Delta as she is going to be known - Invictus Celtic Pride - got a good going over!

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