Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blue Bayou

It's a Blue day today. I captured an encounter Blue had with the water bowl that sits outside my back door. It didn't go well what with water being wet and all. He seemed to be attempting to walk around the bowl but since it was against the wall there was no space so he thought he'd go through. Through meant he had to step in the water and imagine his surprise when it turned out to be wet.

He lost his balance a little when he was startled by his foot getting soaked and as he tipped forward his nose hit the water as well. After a few sputters and nose licks and a moment to regain his balance he considered this water conundrum a little more.

In the end he allowed the water to have its day and he backed away carefully so it wouldn't be compelled to tackle him or attack as he was retreating. I do have a little swimming pool for the puppies and will hopefully get them into the water to cool down on hot days; however, based on this 'small pool' experience it's going to be a challenge!

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