Friday, June 14, 2013

The Return

It's a resurrection. Likely I've lost a tonne of readership but I didn't start the blog for other people, I started it so I could keep a diary of the litters I'd had and have something to refer to over the years. Lately I've had to check back on a few things to verify my memory and I realized I'd lost a couple months where things happened but I didn't make note of them. I'm going to try again and see if I can maintain the blog once more - doG knows there needs to be a blog out there talking sense about living with Ridgebacks, breeding, showing and dogs in general.

It's good to start on a day of note: today is Cora's 2nd birthday. I can't even think where the last 2 years went but some days she is so much the puppy I don't know whether to hug her or strangle her. She is and always will be my darling Bah-Boo - she is a personality that can be hard to figure out but we are working on it. We haven't been to many shows, she is still sitting on a few points but we will get there in the end, I just haven't been able to schedule many shows in and I was waiting for her to mature more since she seemed to need it. I'm certainly not in a rush with her, no plans to breed as yet and definitely not since she is not a Champion - she is fully capable of finishing, I just haven't bothered. It's not like I'm going to rush out today, on her birthday, to get all her health testing done at once so I can breed her on her next heat. Who does that? Probably people that want to go to Disneyland or to pay for a car or have large bills coming up ... you know, people who only breed for money. I haven't even decided if I'm going to breed Cora at all and there is lots of time ... she is only 2 after all, really still not yet done maturing. Here she is with her mom on the sun chair, so hard to believe she was once small enough to be inside Leeloo instead of squishing her!

So happy birthday to all her siblings: Luke, Zayi, Jax, Delta, Franco, Cash, Zeppelin, Gotham, and Shelby! You are all so beautiful and I am delighted you have such wonderful families who will treat you to some amazing birthday treats I'm sure.

On another note The Boy and I continue our visits to the Oddfellows home in Pictou. He loves to go, gets lots of treats and the residents are always happy to see him. It took him some adjustment but he now knows the drill and is happy to wander the halls looking in on the dog lovers and bringing smiles to their faces. Who couldn't love my big handsome Boy?