Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunshine Cleaning

I got behind myself today and haven't had a chance to upload new photos of the puppies - tomorrow will have to do and I do apologize to anyone waiting with baited breath for photos of babies.

Leeloo is well on her way to being dried up and able to go back with the puppies to play without them nursing ... or her allowing them to nurse. I like her to be exposed to them so she can discipline a little and play with them a bit and they get to see her before they head off to their new homes. A couple are staying a little longer but the others will be off to new worlds and likely she won't see most of them again. Not that she'll care but it's with a little sadness that I'll say goodbye.

Not too much sadness ... boy, am I sick of puppy poop. Or rather, runny puppy poop. They aren't sick ... no ... sick puppies don't try to chew through your ankle and mob you when you're trying to clean the floor. They just have the 'runs' which is not harmful except to my patience. They eat as usual, cause the normal mayhem, chase the kitties, have a poop somewhere and then carry on with life as normal. I'm going through paper towel and Lysol wipes like you wouldn't believe. If their behaviour changes I start to worry but so far each puppy is carrying on with reckless abandon running through poop and spreading the love.

I also realised today that in the last 7 weeks I've used 5 litres of bleach for laundry and the floors. I thought it was a 2 litre jug but imagine my surprise yesterday when I noticed I was low on this disinfecting marvel and looked at the bottle to see a 5 instead of a 2. And it's not like I'm using it straight, I use some in the puppy laundry and some in the floor bucket but it looks like I'll have to restock before too long.

My washing machine will be happy when they go too. Between the diarrhea and normal puppy activity the washing machine has seen more use in the last 7 weeks than it has probably seen in its lifetime. My own clothes take a back seat to getting dog laundry done. My neighbours must think I need a clean towel everyday. Trust me, I do *not* use those towels for my own minitrations.

In less than a week I'll be down to 7, then 5, then 4 then 3 ... they all get to go to their new homes in good time. Cora will take her place as part of the pack and we will see what the future brings for her and everyone else. Until then keep patiently waiting for photos and to the families getting one of these little darlings; paper towel and Lysol wipes ... put them on the list.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rear Window

I have a French door between my livingroom and the rest of the house so that in the winter I only need to heat that room - it's very energy efficient. The door has a pane broken out of it so that the cats can come and go as they please, nothing like a cat to be on the wrong side of a door. As it happens Esme uses the hole a lot too. Leeloo will stick her head through and the puppies have figured out where she disappears to so they sometimes try to see her by looking through the hole. Sometimes they get Leeloo ... sometimes they get grumpy Daddy Boy.

He won't hurt them but he grumbles a bit to let them know he's not super thrilled they are in his house and stealing his Mommy's kisses. The puppies think he's Amazing and want to give him some kisses too ... he's not so keen on that. My French door, you may note, has taken a bit of a beating, mostly the glass but that can be cleaned. Cash spent a lot of time at the door today wagging his tail like crazy at his Poppa who was having none of the affection Cash wished to dish out.  It was a bit of a mob scene really.

Where did he go? Likely to go sulk on the couch while I feed lovely food to the puppies and talk to them and hug them and give them kisses he thinks he should be getting ... soon enough Boy.

Then there's wee Gotham who only needs to look in the mirror to see his Daddy ... 

Friday, July 29, 2011

From Hell

Weeks ago I mentioned that once the puppies reach about 6 1/2 weeks the tide turns and they become little demons sent straight from Hell to wreak havoc upon my household. That day arrived yesterday or today ... it's all a blur. People think puppies are awesome but most people meet them one at a time; your friend gets a puppy and you go visit, you meet one on a walk, your sister gets one and brings it over to meet the family, that sort of thing. In these situations puppies seem like little angels who flew down from Heaven on puppy breath wings of delight.  I'll agree that they are all little darlings who deserve the very best in life ... but, multiply them by 10 and you have total mayhem. This is all 10 puppies on the Leeloo Lion Binkie that they adore. Clockwise from the bottom left is Cisco facing away, Gotham upsidedown, Franco tackling Gotham, Cora chewing on the green toy, Shelby pulling the towel, Cash squeezing behind Shelby, Luke sniffing the blanket, Delta chewing on Zayi's leg and Jax sticking his little tongue out in the middle there. 

(Click on the photo to make it larger)

Don't get me wrong, I adore the little monsters, but they are easier to love when they are not trying to consume my fingers and are fast asleep in their pen.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brave New World

For the past few days I've been deworming the puppies. Not because they have worms necessarily but because it's just good practice to do so after they've been weaned. Leeloo is no longer feeding them so we're safe to go ahead and medicate. I use Panacur, it's a pretty popular dewormer for puppies, safe and effective. It's a three day course of medication, the first I put in yogurt because they love the yogurt. The next day they were less keen on the yogurt so I suspect they realized there was something in there that made it taste not quite right. Today I mixed the medication in with some canned dog food. Well, that was a hit and a half! Each puppy who had been dosed (I do them seperately so I know how much each got and that they all got the meds) was in a scramble to get more of whatever that lovely food was I just gave them. So I guess no one noticed the medication! Deworm all puppies at 6 weeks ... check.

Tonight was a lovely evening too so I opened the back door and everyone went out for adventure. The past few days have either been way too hot for them or pouring rain ... tonight was perfect. They had never been off the deck before so it was time for grass under foot and lots of space to run. It took some time but most puppies ended up on the ground and exploring. There were some stragglers who were a little more cautious but I don't want to push too hard. At this point I want them to learn to trust they are safe, if they don't feel safe I don't insist ... yet. They are a bit young to throw into new situations and expect to rebound quickly - bad things can make quite an impression at this age. Once they are a little older and more confident I will be more inclined to push while making sure they know nothing terrible will happen. I expect in a couple days everyone will be off the deck and running!

Anyway, I took about 100 photos so instead of putting them here I loaded them into Facebook and have provided the link  - they are too nice not to have their own album. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pull My Daisy

Leeloo's binkie is Leeloo's binkie. That will never change. She is letting the puppies *borrow* her binkie until she needs it again next winter. Hopefully by then they won't need it anymore. They love her binkie too but for other reasons. They love it because it smells like their Mommy(she's been leaking milk on it intermittently for the past couple days) and because it's soft and plushy.

Apparently it is also good for grabbing and pulling. Don't tell Leeloo. She'd never forgive me if something happened to her lion blanket. Luke wasn't of a mind to show respect for his mother's possessions and attempted to goad Delta into play by 'killing' the binkie. Or the lions ... probably the lions now I come to think of it.

In the end Delta just ignored Luke and went on to try and eat her own tail. Luke is such a social butterfly he moved on to other more pressing matters like tackling a crinkly cat tunnel.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The White Album

Since Mr White was missed yesterday with a new photo I thought I'd add a couple extra of him from this evening. His new name is Jax, Invictus Casino Royale, and he is, as mentioned, headed to The Rock. He is sending up a prayer to doG that his new family is going to give him lots of yogurt because he *loves* it.

I'm sure he will have no trouble goose-stepping his way into their hearts.

I hope they like nibbles because he does what his Daddy does - nibbles when he's happy. I have more than one bruise thanks to those little love bites! Pillows okay ... my skin ... not so much.

Oh Zayi (Yellow). You sure know how to get a gal's attention. Fortunately these shoes cots me $2 at the Dollar Store, can't beat that deal for puppy shoes!

Delta says "There's a tail here!" It didn't take her long to realize it was attached to her own body when she bit down on it.

Cash (sitting) and Shelby( laying) are demonstrating why I love this litter so much. Look at those faces. Perfection.

Settling down for a sleep on the lion. I've had that lion since 2007 when I got it as a part of a Halloween costume per The Lion Meets his Match - check it out for photos of a 6 1/2 month old Raimi.  

It's a well loved lion. Clearly. It's lasted 4 years in a house full of growing Ridgebacks ... it's one lucky lion! Now it has a Shelby head resting on it ... what lion could want more?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Grow the Rushes

The amazing thing about these puppies is how fast they grow. What's not amazing is how darn cute they are. It gets harder and harder for me to choose photos to post because they are all so cute and I think everyone should see them as I do ... as darling babies who have their wholes lives ahead of them.


Franko, Mr Green as was, is looking pretty chill for a puppy on a clock. Less than two weeks before he gets to go live in the Valley. I'm sure he can handle it ... he's a pretty relaxed sort of fellow.

Miss Pink, who may or may not be Shelby, is headed to Ontario. I hope her new family is prepared offer lots of little bunnies to play with! I got this at the Dollar Store so at least it won't break the bank!

It is one popular little rabbit and made the rounds to various puppies. Cash, Maroon in a former life, had his own turn chomping on the little cottontail. He'll be neighbours with his brother Franko in The Valley.

Zayi, who will be staying with me until she is 4 months old, is already learning to sit up straight for good posture. She needs to make a good impression so the French let her into their country.

Cisco, Mr Red once upon a time, is gnawing on a blanket ... actually, that's my foot under there. The puppies love Leeloo's binkie, the one I bought for her for the winter to cover her while she sleeps (make note people, these puppies will like that too). I think they love it because it's plush ... Ridgebacks have a habit of being drawn to anything ultra soft.

Gotham thinks he's Mr Chill, he used to be Mr Black, but now he's got his own name he's just kickin' back lovin' life. Look. Into. My. Eyes.

Delta says "Pick me!" It's not hard to pick her since she's such a sweet gal and loves the cuddles. All the puppies like to use their feet and poke with their noses so watch out for jabs in the eye and someone kicking at your door to be let in.

Why the long face Cora? Everyone is getting a new home except you? Aw. Well, you get to stay here and get beaten up by play with your Mommy and Daddy.  They will take good care of you and Esme will make sure to herd you to safety if you stray too far. Besides Zayi is staying a bit, you'll have someone your own age to play with for a while.

This is my Bunny now. Luke, a couple chapters ago known as Blue, got hold of that bunny and loved it up something fierce. He thought it was the Greatest Bunny Ever.

I think I used this photo a couple days ago of Mr White, as yet un-named, but I realized I didn't have another photo of him from yesterday. Plus, he's so darn handsome he bears repeating. He and Luke are going to Newfoundland ... watch out Newfies!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toy Story

I like sequence photos showing the puppies doing something or investigating their world - to me it demonstrates The Thinking Man's puppy. As previously mentioned the cat tunnel is a very popular item for play. Inside it has a round ball attached by an elastic which you can see is the exact right size for puppy mouths.

Mr Maroon, who is now Cash or Invictus Courage Under Fire, was the last puppy standing in that everyone else had taken themselves off to bed. He decided he too wanted to go to bed but was loathe to leave behind his toy.

So he took it with him. It was a job getting it around the corner and into the puppy room but he didn't give up and spent some time wrangling it over the threshold.  

Once in the room he had no trouble dragging it over to where everyone else was sleeping. It's not very heavy, just awkward, and he attempted to drag it onto the bed.

Unfortunately the tunnel caught on the edge of the bed and wouldn't go any further - not for want of trying though since he stretched the elastic to its limit. He had the little leopard print ball in his mouth as he settled down for a nap and the moment he let it go, thinking it was safe in his possession, it shot back to the tunnel and disappeared. Poor Cash ... never mind, the tunnel will still be here tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love Bites

Remember the teeth. Puppies will chew just about anything, they get worse when they are teething but right now they are tasting everything and exploring their world by which I mean destroying my house. When you don't have hands you investigate things with your nose and teeth. The crinkly cat tunnel is taking a beating that's for sure. They love that it crinkles, love that it moves, is both soft and hard and they can ambush each other.  Miss Yellow here, who's new name will be Zayi or Invictus Charlie's Angel, thinks it's the perfect chew toy.

Gotham/Black took chewing on the cat tunnel very seriously. He was playing in and out of it for some time but in the end it kicked his butt.

There are other things to chew though, the box the cat litter came in for instance. Mr Maroon thought it was the perfect height to gnaw on for a moment or two. It really is true that the cheapest toys are often the most appealing. Right now there is a empty water bottle being attacked ... go figure.

Chewing on your Momma gets you a chewing back. Now that Leeloo is easing off feeding them and her responsibility level is lowering, she feels more comfortable playing with them. Miss Orange, or Delta as she is going to be known - Invictus Celtic Pride - got a good going over!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Fries

One puppy at a time I am deciding which one goes to which home - about half are now finalized with their homes and their call names. Here we have Mr Blue who will be going to Newfoundland to be a show dog and his new name is Luke - he'll be Invictus Cool Hand Luke. To wit, Luke has had quite enough of the camera and the flash - he is pretty subtle about expressing his feelings.

Mr Red is as yet un-named and un-placed. I am choosing based on personailty and trying to keep in mind preferences of the homes on my list. All the puppies have homes though, but as temperaments emerge placings will become easier. 

Mr Black has a home with his Uncle Rory in Calgary. Rory is Raimi's full brother but from a different litter. Mr Black also has a new name - Gotham - for the Batman symbol on his chest, and his registered name will be Invictus Catch Me If You Can. I'm sure he'll be saying that to Rory a lot!

Mr Green is also as yet unplaced, I am deciding between him and Mr White as show potential puppies. Mr Green says I can call him whatever I want as long as I let him sleep!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Face Off

In the last day or so things at home have turned into total mayhem. It's been a cakewalk up to this point but now there is running, chasing, chewing, leaping, dragging and wreckerating. Miss Pink. Innocent. I think not.

Mr Red blending with the cabinets. It won't stop me noticing when he's trying to pull down the tea towel.

Miss Yellow. My pink shoes have been better treated in the past. She doesn't care, they are good for puppy teeth.

Mr White shows us exactly what it means when Leeloo and Raimi are balanced in their offspring. Look. At. That. Head. Mwah! Someone so handsome would never chase a kitty and grab its tail.

And Miss Orange. Someone accused her of biting my ankles but she is totally denying it. She says "Phhtt. As if."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lost World

It's almost impossible to imagine but the puppies just get cuter every day. Miss Purple has the whole posing thing worked out ... good thing too since she is supposed to stay here and be my show girl.

Mr Black inherited his Dad's goonball look which, all things considered, isn't such a bad thing. Being a goonball is fine with his family since they already have his uncle Rory who is also a goonball. Seems to run in the family.

Miss Pink is a puppy times ten. It doesn't seem to matter where I am or what I'm doing, whenever I go to pick up a puppy it's her. This means her new family is going to get a lot of exercise and a lot of cuddles.

Mr Maroon strutting his stuff. He's a fairly confident kind of guy - the one you notice most often but more like the steady rock who's always there. Mr Blue in the background just can't let up on that water dish.

Mr Red. He is huge. He reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park where Hammond is telling Alan, Ellie and Malcolm about the film explaining how they made dinosaurs and the sound effects that will be added later -  "Bomp bomp bomp bomp ..." He's going to be a gentle giant so more Brontosaurus than T-Rex. Well, the teeth will be reminiscent of T-Rex ... only smaller.