Thursday, July 14, 2011

James and the Giant Peach

Whenever I take photos of the puppies it's usually a lot so I have a stock pile to get through over the course of a few days. Unfortunately they grow so fast by the time I've posted as many photos as I want they don't even really look like the puppies in the photos. Leeloo is starting to think they can't grow fast enough, the sooner they do the sooner she doesn't have to feed them anymore!

Already with the naughty exploration. That is a bag hanging on a doorknob and it clearly held all kind of delight and curiosity for these two, nothing is so fun as pulling something down and running away with it.

Mr Green. Oh this little man is going to be some kind of handsome. He is destined, as long as everything else besides his head checks out, for a show home. He is certainly well on his way to being some kind of wonderful.

Ahem. Mr Blue? Jealous much? Now, for some reason, although Mr Green is handsome, I am very drawn to Mr Blue. I'm not sure if it's his coloring or his attitude but he catches my eye something fierce. He is insanely attractive and his color is out of this world. Part of me thinks I like him because he is such a bad boy.

There's that attitude again. I can't honestly say I know who the other puppy is because I didn't catch the ribbon in the photo. Black? Yellow? White? Hard to tell, either way there is definitely a conversation here.

Miss Purple. It's looking more and more like Miss Purple will be Coraline. She is utterly feminine and totally knows she is the bomb. She 100% Leeloo but that little bit of Boy I wanted is there too - only time will tell but I am liking what I see.  Preliminary decisions are being made about home placements for the girls at this point but for the boys we will have to wait a little longer. I want to see how they weigh out structurally before making firm decisions - so far everyone looks marvelous!

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