Sunday, July 17, 2011

Head of the Class

I knew without thinking much about it that the puppies in this litter will have beautiful heads. I love Leeloo's feminine head, she is purely female and you could never mistake her for anything else. Raimi's head is a little overdone but it is certainly a conversation piece and I love it because it belongs to only him. The hope for this litter was a combination of the two and although I knew some puppies would give me one or the other I do see a balance between the two which is very appealing. Mr Maroon here, who was missing his ribbon for a few days, thinks being out on the deck soaking up some vitamin D is a pretty good scene.

Mr Blue reclined on his bed in the shade, he doesn't need any sun according to his fat little head's calculations. Mr Blue, in person, is universally appealing - his color is so striking and his expression so beautiful he's a hard one to ignore. He'll likely have The Boy's head but with a little Leeloo moderation thrown in ... plus with her heart-melting eyes he's going to be a lady killer.

Mr White is all swagger. He has exactly the head I was aiming for in this litter. As a mature dog he will certainly stop people in their tracks although if he's anything like his Dad it will be to approach them and say "Hiya!"

Miss Orange is not one to put herself out there. She's a bit of a wallflower and not overly pushy but she does have that quintessential head and expression that says "I'm a girl, I know I'm pretty, and you can't help but love me."

Oh Mr Green. You certainly know how to get a person's attention. It could be your show stopping head or it could be the fact you are chomping on my clothes.

Mr Red doesn't get a lot of air time. I'm not sure why but he is cut from the same cloth as Blue and Maroon. Light wheaton with almost no masking but the dark pigment to offset the eyes and the nose and to give him the most darling expression ... particularly when there is a ball to push.

Miss Pink is a going concern and how. She is never far from the action and every time you go to pick up a puppy it always seems to be her. She is a force and she will be a handful! However, with this face I'm pretty sure she won't stay in trouble long!

Miss Purple - who in my mind is rapidly becoming the Cora I intend to keep - is Leeloo through and through. Body, head, attitude. She is confident, smart, and manipulative ... all the things about Leeloo I love and hate. In her I hope to see the changes I wanted in Leeloo and those things are hopefully what her Daddy brought to the table. Time will tell.

Mr Black is going to be his Dad. There is just no question. Looks, body, brains. While everyone climbed over the rung on the chair Black took the more difficult route and attempted to go under. This either means he likes a challenge or isn't very smart. Given his father's brains I would be tempted to go with the latter. In case you didn't notice I missed Miss Yellow who apparently didn't wander in front of my camera - I'll have to get her tomorrow.

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