Sunday, July 10, 2011


At the risk of making everyone want Mr Green, here he is enjoying a belly rub by Tara who came to visit today. She has her own packs of Ridgebacks at home but, just in case, Leeloo was checking pockets before Tara left.

Mr Green was awake when Tara picked him up for a cuddle but ever so slowly, as she rubbed his chest, his head flexed backward and ended up resting on her knees. He stayed that way for some time, clearly fast asleep.

You can see their ears are starting to grow, in fact I can see the difference every day. By the time they are 8 weeks old their ears will be the same size as their heads - so silken soft that when you touch them it's like you're not touching anything at all.

Obviously there was also a lot of playing and fussing when visitors are in the house, it's the best time to show off since Mommy has seen all their old tricks. White and Pink are learning to chew on each other, better them than me with those little needle teeth!

Dora Lee came with Tara up from the Halifax area, she has her own two Ridgebacks at home but said if there were any of these guys left she'd be in danger of getting another. At this age they are pretty darling - they did pee and poop an awful lot though! I don't mind, it simply means they are getting what they need and all systems are working properly ... the sleep system gets a lot of practice too!

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Remi said...

Oh my gosh! So adorable! Remi was also a Mr. Green when we got him.