Wednesday, July 6, 2011

French Kiss

I forgot, in all the excitement about puppies, to post photos of the French door my Dad installed on Sunday. I cannot adequately express my appreciation to my Dad for coming to my assistance with house renos and repairs, without question, whenever I ask. That said ... check out this awesome door. I bought it thinking "How hard could a door installation be?" and realized when I got home ... it's hard. I was undecided whether I wanted it to be a solid door or a French door but am glad I went with this one. I can see into the room(which will be down graded to Dog Room once the absence of puppies renders it so) and the dogs can see out which will comfort them some when I am out - I just think they'd like that. As it stands the door is unfinished, just primed, but I won't be shining it up with interior paint until the puppies are gone. Puppies. Fresh paint. Disaster. For now it opens and closes like a charm, keeps the cool air in the room, I can move around in the kitchen without worrying about waking the puppies, and I can peek through and see how/what they are doing. As a bonus you can see Leeloo's Best Puppy in Show ribbon on the wall to the left and Raimi's Best Puppy in Group ribbon to the right. Just to remind the puppies they have something to live up to.

Just to tide you over until tomorrow here's a photo of a passle of puppies milling around just inside the door to their room. Right now they are still in the curious but cautious stage - when they are comfortable on their feet and more confident it will be no holds barred mayhem. I know I keep saying that but it bears repeating. For those people getting a puppy I want you to look back at this blog when your single puppy is making you crazy and remember that I dealt with ten.

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