Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Stand

Leeloo is finally able to stand and feed the puppies. Sort of. A Momma who was less up on leg would probably be better able to feed them but then that Momma wouldn't be my darling Leeloo. Nobody in this house wants that. Except maybe Leeloo now the puppies have teeth and are hauling away on her boobies like a fisherman pulling in the catch of the day.

Take Mr Black for example, he has this whole thing figured out. He's got the agility, the brace and the suction all harmonized to a delicate balance so he can eat as much as possible as fast as possible. Hard to believe he was a tiny one pound baby just a few short weeks ago.

Mr Green was working so hard at eating he got a little on his nose. Leeloo is still producing quite a bit of milk but soon they will be down to 2 feedings from Leeloo a day and she will start to reduce her production. Taking away a meal or two from her will help too ... not that she thinks that is entirely necessary.

Miss Pink is one of the smaller puppies but is no slouch in the eating department. She needs a lot of food to fuel the growth of those ears.

Speaking of ears, Mr Black was eating so fast his ears flew back. Neat trick.

And of course after being molested by ten biting puppies Leeloo needs some quiet Mommy Time. In my bed. Under down duvets. Nestled between two down pillows. Go on then Leeloo, you deserve it.

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