Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Fries

One puppy at a time I am deciding which one goes to which home - about half are now finalized with their homes and their call names. Here we have Mr Blue who will be going to Newfoundland to be a show dog and his new name is Luke - he'll be Invictus Cool Hand Luke. To wit, Luke has had quite enough of the camera and the flash - he is pretty subtle about expressing his feelings.

Mr Red is as yet un-named and un-placed. I am choosing based on personailty and trying to keep in mind preferences of the homes on my list. All the puppies have homes though, but as temperaments emerge placings will become easier. 

Mr Black has a home with his Uncle Rory in Calgary. Rory is Raimi's full brother but from a different litter. Mr Black also has a new name - Gotham - for the Batman symbol on his chest, and his registered name will be Invictus Catch Me If You Can. I'm sure he'll be saying that to Rory a lot!

Mr Green is also as yet unplaced, I am deciding between him and Mr White as show potential puppies. Mr Green says I can call him whatever I want as long as I let him sleep!

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