Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pull My Daisy

Leeloo's binkie is Leeloo's binkie. That will never change. She is letting the puppies *borrow* her binkie until she needs it again next winter. Hopefully by then they won't need it anymore. They love her binkie too but for other reasons. They love it because it smells like their Mommy(she's been leaking milk on it intermittently for the past couple days) and because it's soft and plushy.

Apparently it is also good for grabbing and pulling. Don't tell Leeloo. She'd never forgive me if something happened to her lion blanket. Luke wasn't of a mind to show respect for his mother's possessions and attempted to goad Delta into play by 'killing' the binkie. Or the lions ... probably the lions now I come to think of it.

In the end Delta just ignored Luke and went on to try and eat her own tail. Luke is such a social butterfly he moved on to other more pressing matters like tackling a crinkly cat tunnel.

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