Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Lion's Share

Leeloo is nothing if not predictable. She understands that when the dish comes out to feed the puppies my intention is to feed them all that lovely food and not let her have any until they are done. Leeloo's no fool. She knows if they get their puppy mouths on it there will hardly be any left for her. This is distressing to say the least. So, while they power through the dish she lies in wait for the moment I say she can have the dredges of the mash. Until then though she implements Plan B wherein she licks the food off their faces as they wander from her to the dish and back again.

Isn't it sweet? Momma licking her babies just like she's giving them sweet kisses of love. Hardly. She can't lick the mash off their faces fast enough. Every time one walks past she checks and double checks to see if it's been cleaned yet. The puppies appreciate the attention and think she's being the doting mother that every puppy deserves. They don't realize that if I let her she'd not only eat all the food out from under them, she's also decided that since they have teeth she shouldn't have to feed them anymore anyway. Leeloo never really was one for sharing.

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