Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brave New World

For the past few days I've been deworming the puppies. Not because they have worms necessarily but because it's just good practice to do so after they've been weaned. Leeloo is no longer feeding them so we're safe to go ahead and medicate. I use Panacur, it's a pretty popular dewormer for puppies, safe and effective. It's a three day course of medication, the first I put in yogurt because they love the yogurt. The next day they were less keen on the yogurt so I suspect they realized there was something in there that made it taste not quite right. Today I mixed the medication in with some canned dog food. Well, that was a hit and a half! Each puppy who had been dosed (I do them seperately so I know how much each got and that they all got the meds) was in a scramble to get more of whatever that lovely food was I just gave them. So I guess no one noticed the medication! Deworm all puppies at 6 weeks ... check.

Tonight was a lovely evening too so I opened the back door and everyone went out for adventure. The past few days have either been way too hot for them or pouring rain ... tonight was perfect. They had never been off the deck before so it was time for grass under foot and lots of space to run. It took some time but most puppies ended up on the ground and exploring. There were some stragglers who were a little more cautious but I don't want to push too hard. At this point I want them to learn to trust they are safe, if they don't feel safe I don't insist ... yet. They are a bit young to throw into new situations and expect to rebound quickly - bad things can make quite an impression at this age. Once they are a little older and more confident I will be more inclined to push while making sure they know nothing terrible will happen. I expect in a couple days everyone will be off the deck and running!

Anyway, I took about 100 photos so instead of putting them here I loaded them into Facebook and have provided the link  - they are too nice not to have their own album. Hope you enjoy!

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