Thursday, July 21, 2011

Face Off

In the last day or so things at home have turned into total mayhem. It's been a cakewalk up to this point but now there is running, chasing, chewing, leaping, dragging and wreckerating. Miss Pink. Innocent. I think not.

Mr Red blending with the cabinets. It won't stop me noticing when he's trying to pull down the tea towel.

Miss Yellow. My pink shoes have been better treated in the past. She doesn't care, they are good for puppy teeth.

Mr White shows us exactly what it means when Leeloo and Raimi are balanced in their offspring. Look. At. That. Head. Mwah! Someone so handsome would never chase a kitty and grab its tail.

And Miss Orange. Someone accused her of biting my ankles but she is totally denying it. She says "Phhtt. As if."

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