Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blown Away

Very tentative steps are being made toward walking. Leaps and bounds are being made toward being cute. I have a couple puppies who are adamantly refusing to eat the mash I provide and a couple others who are happily eating their own share and anyone else's they can get. That is normal and eventually every one will be on board the space ship called Food Dish.  (I haven't posted a photo of it but that's what it looks like - a flying saucer puppy food dish).  The exponential explosion from darling into adorable hasn't even reached maximum saturation yet ... hard to imagine right?

Ya, Miss Purple doesn't believe it either. She's pretty sure that being this sweet is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if her face is dirty with her recent meal ... in a way it just gives her a plus 1 for Cute.

And just who has a lock on so-cute-you-want-to-squeeze-him-until-his-head-pops-off? Mr Blue ... obviously. I haven't had a puppy like him in a litter before, at just 3 weeks old he's 100% personality and knows it. Demands it. Screams it. Loudly.

Mr Black has hit a wall in the Eating Real Food department. He just spits it out and sits at my feet yelling for his Mommy. He hasn't yet realize Mommy doesn't really care anymore, she'd rather lie under the fan and cool off.

I'd have to go back and check chest markings but I am pretty sure this is Mr. Maroon.  He and Mr Blue are having a Who Can Grow the Biggest Head contest. So far Blue is winning but Maroon is a close second. Considering their Dad's head they have a lot to live up to!

Mr Green is Mr Snuggle Pants. He's very big on the cuddling and loves to be held. He's the smallest male by a large margin but he will have a very pretty face - probably a combination of his mom and dad which will be a good balance.

I didn't get everyone in the photos, some of them didn't come out right and some of the puppies were sleeping lumps of puppy snores by the time I starting taking photos. I figure we've had enough photos of sleeping puppy since that's pretty much all they do for the first 19 days. For the next few days it will be mostly sitting and splay-legged puppies which is fine because all too soon I'll be chasing them while they chase each other, the cats, Esme, their Mom, their Dad and imaginary bunnies.


Steven and Kimberly said...

How sweet! Ridgebacks have the most unique personalities! Thanks for posting!

RiderWriter said...

I'm a long-time reader who really should Comment more often to let you know what a nice job you do with the blog! :-) Anyway, gosh, it's nice to see the little ones. Even just in photos you can get a sense of what they're like. I know you were planning on keeping a girl, but it sounds to me like Mr. Blue is saying, "I wanna be a show dog!" Do you think maybe?

A guy here at work just acquired a Lab puppy and his wife brought her in to show her off. Sweet little girl, 6 1/2 weeks old (isn't that a little young?). I was told that there had been 11 in the litter but SEVEN had died, which I thought was a pretty awful attrition rate. What do you say?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but you are my dog-breeding "expert source!" :-)