Saturday, July 9, 2011


More exploration means the puppies can seek out and find Leeloo wherever she may be hiding, unless it's on a couch or bed. So when Leeloo took herself off into the kitchen to get away from their sharp little jaws they hunted her down and pinned her to the dog bed there. Poor long suffering Leeloo - fortunately weaning isn't a long way off.

Miss Purple sat very nicely for her photo. She looks like a bit of a snob but that's just not who she is at all. It's uncanny how much she reminds me of Leeloo and for me, that can only mean good things.

Esme finally gets to play with the puppies. She has been dying to get them to interact with her since they were born. Now they walk toward her, waving paws and tails, and she play bows, pokes them and waves her feet back. She really shouldn't encourage them, they are going to takes her up on her offer in spades ... and how.

Miss Orange is the sweetest little wallflower; she never makes a fuss and is the easiest puppy ever. She is so sweet and was gifted with her Mom's soft eye (in fact most of them will have Leeloo's eye and I am delighted - not that I don't love The Boy, but Leeloo's expression is what I was aiming at - as they age it will become more clear what I mean).

And who doesn't love The Boy? He's such a gentle giant. He was curious about the puppies but if they got too close he leapt away in horror. Here he is inspecting the fruit of his loins, Mr Red who momentarily mistook The Boy for his Mommy. An easy mistake when your depth perception isn't developed and you can only see a few inches in front of your face.

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