Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soul Surfer

In all the excitement about the puppies The Boy hasn't had much of a mention. He's kind of important because he's half of the reason they are here. Those long weeks ago when he molested Leeloo have come to fruition and now he's reaping the rewards of an absent Mommy, a harrassed Leeloo and a passle of kids he didn't know were coming. Fortunately he's a pretty easy going guy so much of this is taken in stride. He doesn't spend a lot of time worrying about what they are doing and doesn't actively seek their company. He's not bothered by them or scared of them, he just doesn't care. The primary reason for this is obviously because I am his sun, his moon, his everything. Ergo, wherever I am, he wants to be.  Even if it means getting into the whelping box to have a nap while the puppies nurse on the dog bed outside the box. He mussed up the towels and papers but once it was comfortable he lay down and slept while I supervised puppy dinner time.

When not sleeping on his kid's bed he's sleeping on mine. I had to fold some laundry and for want of a place to lay the folded clothes I just put them on him since he was in the way. He makes a marvelous clothes horse, didn't move a muscle and tolerated my amusement with endless patience.  A Ridgeback breeder friend put it best when she said that people like Raimi because he has a good soul - nothing the show ring can offer can top that. Plus, a Daddy who will put up with this kind of torture surely will produce some pretty awesome puppies.

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