Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toy Story

I like sequence photos showing the puppies doing something or investigating their world - to me it demonstrates The Thinking Man's puppy. As previously mentioned the cat tunnel is a very popular item for play. Inside it has a round ball attached by an elastic which you can see is the exact right size for puppy mouths.

Mr Maroon, who is now Cash or Invictus Courage Under Fire, was the last puppy standing in that everyone else had taken themselves off to bed. He decided he too wanted to go to bed but was loathe to leave behind his toy.

So he took it with him. It was a job getting it around the corner and into the puppy room but he didn't give up and spent some time wrangling it over the threshold.  

Once in the room he had no trouble dragging it over to where everyone else was sleeping. It's not very heavy, just awkward, and he attempted to drag it onto the bed.

Unfortunately the tunnel caught on the edge of the bed and wouldn't go any further - not for want of trying though since he stretched the elastic to its limit. He had the little leopard print ball in his mouth as he settled down for a nap and the moment he let it go, thinking it was safe in his possession, it shot back to the tunnel and disappeared. Poor Cash ... never mind, the tunnel will still be here tomorrow.

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