Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rear Window

I have a French door between my livingroom and the rest of the house so that in the winter I only need to heat that room - it's very energy efficient. The door has a pane broken out of it so that the cats can come and go as they please, nothing like a cat to be on the wrong side of a door. As it happens Esme uses the hole a lot too. Leeloo will stick her head through and the puppies have figured out where she disappears to so they sometimes try to see her by looking through the hole. Sometimes they get Leeloo ... sometimes they get grumpy Daddy Boy.

He won't hurt them but he grumbles a bit to let them know he's not super thrilled they are in his house and stealing his Mommy's kisses. The puppies think he's Amazing and want to give him some kisses too ... he's not so keen on that. My French door, you may note, has taken a bit of a beating, mostly the glass but that can be cleaned. Cash spent a lot of time at the door today wagging his tail like crazy at his Poppa who was having none of the affection Cash wished to dish out.  It was a bit of a mob scene really.

Where did he go? Likely to go sulk on the couch while I feed lovely food to the puppies and talk to them and hug them and give them kisses he thinks he should be getting ... soon enough Boy.

Then there's wee Gotham who only needs to look in the mirror to see his Daddy ... 

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