Monday, July 18, 2011

Forget Paris

Okay, here she is. Miss Yellow. She is a bit of her own force, a little different than Miss Pink who is in your face all the time, Miss Yellow does her own thing and doesn't stop to check if it's okay. She's her Momma's daughter is all I can say about that.

Play time is so much fun.Watching playtime is fun too except when you have to chase and pick up poop and clean up pee. It's not so bad on the deck but I still have to clean up the poop right away otherwise the flies are impossible. Plus rolling that ball through poop is not good for anyone's health.

Playing with each other is fun particularly when you can make your sibling scream and cry. Those sharp little teeth show no mercy.

Right now it's mostly misjudged timing and body pushes but as they age they will get more and more vicious with each other and I'll have to break up squabbles. When the time comes for them to leave with their new families the puppies want new homes to call their own just as much as I do!

Then again, when I think of the puppy kisses they give freely and often it's hard to think of saying good bye. "Kiss kiss kiss" and they coming running and I end up with 10 puppies clamouring to give me sweet delicate licks on the chin and cheek. It's almost enough to make me want to keep them all ... almost.

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