Friday, July 29, 2011

From Hell

Weeks ago I mentioned that once the puppies reach about 6 1/2 weeks the tide turns and they become little demons sent straight from Hell to wreak havoc upon my household. That day arrived yesterday or today ... it's all a blur. People think puppies are awesome but most people meet them one at a time; your friend gets a puppy and you go visit, you meet one on a walk, your sister gets one and brings it over to meet the family, that sort of thing. In these situations puppies seem like little angels who flew down from Heaven on puppy breath wings of delight.  I'll agree that they are all little darlings who deserve the very best in life ... but, multiply them by 10 and you have total mayhem. This is all 10 puppies on the Leeloo Lion Binkie that they adore. Clockwise from the bottom left is Cisco facing away, Gotham upsidedown, Franco tackling Gotham, Cora chewing on the green toy, Shelby pulling the towel, Cash squeezing behind Shelby, Luke sniffing the blanket, Delta chewing on Zayi's leg and Jax sticking his little tongue out in the middle there. 

(Click on the photo to make it larger)

Don't get me wrong, I adore the little monsters, but they are easier to love when they are not trying to consume my fingers and are fast asleep in their pen.

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Rilly said...

I had to laugh when I saw the title of your father used to lovingly say that about me when I was growing up. My hair wasn't far off the color of your dogs and I hated it until my future husband fell in love with it. That was 61 yrs. ago and the color may have faded but the temperament remains. Thanx for a laugh!