Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bend It Like Beckham

I'd forgotten in the last 2 years since my previous litter just how fast the puppies grow once you start them on 'real' dog food. Everyday I see spurts and development and I am amazed at how quickly they are learning things, exploring, and how fast they can now run! They are not incredibly steady on their feet but they sure try hard. They are also playing a lot so when a new toy is presented it's an object of fascination and chewing. Miss Orange was the first to make the ball move and it was as though a light went off ... this was a toy to be reckoned with.

Mr Red soon got into the act and used his feet to grab and push the ball around. They are still very clumsy but I think it adds to the insanely cute quotient.

Mr Maroon pushed it around a little bit but wasn't really that sure he knew what to do with it. This particular ball is one their mother played with when she was a puppy, it's held up well considering it gets food put inside it as a treat ball.

Miss Purple and Miss Yellow had a debate about which was more important: wrestling or playing with a ball. Miss Yellow was in the ball's court, so to speak, but Purple was loudly shouting that argument down. In the end Purple lost interest and wandered off to chew something else ... likely a high dollar possession that I value more than a rubber soccer ball.

Once Purple was out of her way Yellow went to town on that ball and kicked its butt. She seems to be a take no prisoners kind of gal - often wandering into uncharted territory or back into their pen to pee on her own. She'll be a great one for adventure that Yellow.

And just exactly how many ways from adorable is this? Yellow and her ball (and Esme's most recent shaving cream lid) and a whole lot of ridiculously cute. What more is there in life?

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