Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Trip to Heaven

Everyone is now on the move. Exploration is still tentative but determined. Mr Black has a pretty good handle on walking but he's much better still at eating and sleeping.

Miss Yellow is one of the more adventurous. She wandered into the dining area and managed to navigate the laminate flooring fairly well.

She does better on carpet though. Those are the chairs for the dining set the puppies won't get a chance to chew. At this age it's not a worry but soon enough they will have to be barred from teething on that shiny black goodness.

Miss Orange got herself stuck in a cul-de-sac but fortunately I was there to turn her around and get her headed in the right direction.

Weasley likes to investigate any room where he's on the wrong side of the door. Since he doesn't have access to the puppy room in the course of the day it holds a fascination that is only satiated when the door is open. Never mind that he can see in when the door is shut - to be IN the room exploring is the most important thing.

Once in though the way gets blocked by little Ridgeback bodies and he doesn't know how to get past. When you're a cat the only logical solution is over. You can't see it very well but he's mid-jump over the puppies who barely register he is there. Soon enough he will have to jump a lot higher to escape their sharp little teeth.

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