Monday, July 11, 2011

Sit Tight

Very quick blog tonight, I'm exhausted and I need to sleep. Leeloo still hasn't figured out that if she sits it will be easier and more comfortable for the puppies to eat. She still insists on lying down on her side which is very crowded now and makes it hard for everyone to get to a boobie. To get her to do the below I have to get her to sit and then prop her up with my hand but eventually she leans on my arm and sinks onto the puppies. This, obviously, isn't so good for their health since they get squashed. So I just let her lie down and the puppies figure it out. Poor sad face Leeloo, she's still compelled to feed them because of the full boobies and the call of nature but I can tell she's getting a little tired of the teeth. Only a couple more weeks my darling Boobles and you can kick the Baby Boobles out of the nest - here on out she'll feed them less and I'll feed them more. Yay me.  

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