Friday, July 1, 2011

Fantastic Four

For me it's all puppies all day - fortunately I love to watch them do puppy things like sleep and eat and learn to be alive - the novelty doesn't wear off until they get to 6 weeks old when they turn into Minions of the Underlord. Today though we continue our trip down Adorable Avenue and enjoy the sweet puppy breath and soft downy fur of little Angels. Miss Yellow *swears* she will never chase Ceilidh, pull out Esme's coat, poop on the carpet, chew my shoes, or pee until she is outside.

Mr Green promises that he will only ever chew on dog toys, eat dog food, gnaw on bones and will never ever touch the rungs of my dining chairs. Once he gets teeth of course.

Mr White can't possibly imagine anything worse than running through the house with soiled newspaper, unravelling the toilet paper from the roll, or pulling the tea towels off the cupboards and dragging them through a fresh puddle of pee. Who could think such a thing?

Mr. Maroon? Well, he laughs at his siblings because he knows they're totally fibbing. He's going to do all of those things plus bite at my pant legs, grab at The Boy's dangly bits, try to run off with my shoes while they're still on my feet, work in tandem with accomplices to pull down my curtains, scream bloody murder at inappropriate hours to be fed and let out to play, unravel the edges of the floor mats, chew on the newspaper box and smear a mixture of puppy poop and pee across my floor at every opportunity. So, while they are still at the age where my patience is at a premium we can bask in the delights that are 2 1/2 week old puppies.

And for those paying attention yes, I missed Miss Pink so she will get her very own blog tomorrow ... she demanded it when I realized I forgot her and as we know, Princesses get their way.

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