Thursday, June 30, 2011

Party of Five

I am trying to make sure everyone gets an equal amount of blog time but I haven't been keeping track so if there is a puppy I have missed on a regular basis let me know! I'm sure I feature one or two more than others but it's not deliberate - I hope I get everyone at least a few times.  With eyes opening and walking progressing everyday the cute factor has increased almost exponentially overnight. Mr Red had just had a meal and was kicking back on Leeloo's leg ...

Not to be outdone in the cool department Mr Blue stopped to pose for a moment before being blinded by the flash. On of his eyes is only half open so far and I think it gives him a rather rakish look. Then again everyone's eyes are still cloudy so they all look a little stoned!

Mr Black is not one to be outdone by his brother. While Blue is the lightest puppy, Mr Black is the darkest puppy. It's a battle of good vs evil ... or is that adorable vs heart-melting?

Miss Purple, who I have my eye on, is coming up aces in the Making-Me-Fall-In-Love Department. I mean, how can I not? I have a feeling she will be a lot like her Mommy.

Miss Orange is not to be outdone. She has her Daddy's fat head but I do hope she is in possession of a few more brain cells. Who are we kidding? She's a girl, of course she will!

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