Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thelma and Louise

You may wonder what Esme and The Boy think of the puppies. Well, Esme thinks they are fascinating and although Leeloo has let her sniff the puppies, almost, she keeps a very close eye on whether Esme has tried to sneak a puppy under her coat. Despite the close watch by Leeloo Esme continues to try and get a good look in once in a while. I hate to burst her bubble but in a few weeks Esme may wish she'd never laid eyes on them. When not inspecting puppies she is enjoying herself out on the paths through the woods with The Boy.

Now that the excitement and anxiety of the arrival of the puppies has passed Boy spends his time napping on the bed and worrying about how much time I am spending with the puppies. He doesn't think they're interesting, he doesn't want them to touch him, he doesn't want to sniff them, he wishes they were not here so he could have his Mommy back and his Leeloo to smell like Leeloo again. His only consolation is that we still go for walks and he gets to sleep touching me although those two things together barely compensate for the trouble the puppies have caused in his life.

So for now the two of them will just have to make the most of it and try to prepare for the day that the puppies do worse than just take up my time, they will turn into biting, chasing, barking, pooping hellions whose mission in life is to pull out as much of Esme's coat as possible and grab The Boys oh so tempting testicles. They'll both be wishing for days like today.

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