Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Help

Yesterday afternoon I became concerned about Leeloo. She was listless, had a higher temperature than normal, had some body trembles and mid-afternoon started to ignore the puppies. Off to the vet for a check up - after spending a small fortune she is on anti-biotics for a possible retained placenta - thankfully that is all it is, if it were a retained puppy we would be looking at a whole other ball game. It's important to know your bitch, sure she is not herself anyway because she has a whole new family to take care of, but knowing the difference between relaxed and listless was a big tip off. Today she is a contented mother and everyone is thriving as evidenced by the two following photos. This one is from Wednesday afternoon - all the little darlings in their whelping box.

This one is from this morning. I think the box has shrunk. They are a little more spread out but you can see the change for sure!

I weigh them everyday to make sure they are growing and as I do that I check them over and handle them for a few minutes so they get used to being touched. I flipped over Mr Black and had to smile when I saw his white patch -it's almost perfectly symmetrical and in the shape of ... what? Butterfly? A Rorschach test? Is he signaling Batman?

And little Miss Orange, one of the smallest puppies. She's the one with the multi-crowned ridge. She fell asleep as I was looking her over, as did most of them, and she fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. Another day or so and this won't be possible.


Carolyne said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe how adorable they are. i know there is a lot of hard work involved, but you must be enjoying it a ton too.
I love the way they are all snuggly/one on top of the other.
Thanks for blogging daily. We read daily and love seeing the progress.
Glad to hear Leeloo is doing better.

Carolyne & Bill.

Steven and Kimberly said...

They are too much! All spread out all over each other. Love it!