Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shallow Hal

It's the final week of Leeloo's pregnancy. Hard to believe we are already on Whelp Watch. I expect her to whelp any day from tomorrow onward and will be diligently checking for signs of the stork's arrival. For Leeloo the stork can't come soon enough; she is so over being fat and heavy, hot and tired, having puppies kicking her liver and compressing her lungs, not able to find a comfortable position to sleep and never quite reaching the itch that needs to be scratched. Poor Booble - new nickname ... just came to me yesterday.

From above you can see the expansion of her tummy - it's actually more on her right than her left so I suspect there are more puppies in the right horn of her uterus although chances are there is such a mash-up of puppies her uterus probably looks like a bowtie. She very patiently stood to let me photograph her in the hot sun and accepted as many treat bribes as I offered.

I can't tell her that it won't be long now so the poor girl probably thinks she will be like this forever. I can't imagine a life lived only in the moment, to be unable to predict or plan the future. I know she will be relieved of this burden (only to have it replaced by another) in the coming days but she does not. She only knows that right now, in this moment, she is one very fat dog who can no longer get herself onto the bed - if she was a person she'd say she was grotesque and to stop taking photos of her ... all I see is my beautiful Boobles.

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Nicki said...

She is so beautiful............I love how you made me think of living in the moment, not being able to predict the future. Helps to take the worries out of things....thank you, once again Tamzin for helping me look at things from a different perspective. xoxo