Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father of Invention

It's Father's Day and as such today we celebrate the fathers in our lives. I have the greatest Dad ever and that's a fact - I don't think I need to go into detail how awesome he is, just read some of the posts about him helping me build things! I have the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens he will make sure his little girl is okay to the best of his ability. Both my parents have gone out of their way in this last two years of my life to ensure that I have their support and guidance - sometimes their advice was taken and sometimes not! So thank you for all you do and everything you will do ... because we both know that last phone call for help with a renovation was not the last! And here's proof that I come by Dog Crazy honestly, a hijacked photo of my parents in the late 60's with their Pulis ... yes that was 40 years ago! Don't they look awesome?

And to Raimi, a first time father, it's a big responsibility being a Daddy and I'm sure if dogs could you'd be very proud of your new babies ... even though they take some of the attention from you for a little while.

One day maybe your daughter will grow up big and strong, but maybe not as big and strong as you since you are kind of a big guy! Happy Father's Day to the best two Dads I know!

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