Friday, June 17, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

Sleep and eat. Eat and sleep. That is the responsibility of a 4 day old puppy. They continue to thrive, having gained at least 5 ounces each, a couple as much as 8 ounces, and getting rolly polly as evidenced below. Leeloo has been diligent about their care and is not shy about letting me know when something isn't right. If a puppy is too far away I get the whine, if she's thirsty I get the whine, if she's hungry I get the whine, if they are not nursing when she thinks they should I get the whine. She is pretty clear about her needs and it's been a relatively easy job for me to ensure everyone's wishes are fulfilled.

Ever seen puppy toes up close? These are Miss Purple's toes - aren't they kissably pink and adorable? Miss P is already being called Coraline which is a bad habit for me since I don't intend to keep her unless, from a breeder's perspective, she's 'good enough'. However even if I don't keep her she will be registered as Coraline so I suppose it's not such a bad habit.

How about a puppy nose? Miss Purple again. She was in the most convenient position for this type of photo. Her pigment is starting to come in; they are born with pink toes and noses and the pigment gradually darkens as they age, it's pretty neat to see little maps of color spreading across their feet. Hers is very pale yet but you can already see the purpling that will eventually turn black and spread to her whole foot.

Look at that dome head. Lots of baby brain power being created in there. Miss Orange makes a lovely pillow, as all siblings do, and Mr Blue knows just where the good life is at.

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