Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Prince(s) of Tides

Now that eyes are opening and puppies are trying to walk we are slowly turning the tide toward utter mayhem. I'm still a week or two away from total chaos but I just know we are currently sitting in a slack tide, not here, not there ... just a momentary lull before the waves start crashing in. Mr Black had a quiet moment alone with me and his Mommy because he was yelling his head off and I couldn't hear myself think. Leeloo kept a close eye on him for sure.

And Mr White shared his own private moment with his Momma. Leeloo needs to cherish these moments, she doesn't realize they grow up so fast. Not fast enough as far as she's concerned and as for cherishing ... the comfort of the bed at night far outweighs the puppy pen.

I took a series of photos of me with each puppy so I'll post them separately with one blog for the girls and one for the boys otherwise it's a lot of puppy to take in all at once!

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