Monday, June 20, 2011

Got Milk?

This time last week I was preparing for imminent puppy arrival. It would take less than 12 hours for Mr Blue to make an appearance. Since that day he hasn't wasted any time doubling his birth weight. No wonder too when Leeloo has so much milk he can get a moustache!

Little Miss Orange refuses to be shown up by her brother so she insisted on a milk 'stache too. No one told her a moustache on a girl was unattractive, she thinks this is the best look ever.

It's almost like a competition for them, who can eat the most the fastest. And really, why not? Survival of the fittest means you might fade away into nothing if you don't succeed. Good thing these guys have me looking out for them.

They hate being weighed but it means I know who's ahead, who's behind and who might need a little help. Not Mr Maroon that's for sure, the biggest and the fattest at healthy 2 pounds already.

Mr Black's name should just be changed to Mr Popular. By far he has garnered the most interest of all the puppies. Everyone wants a little bit of Mr Black. I think it was the Batman symbol and a reference a while back about how he reminded me of Raimi ... everyone loves Raimi. Well, people who aren't breeders do. And me of course! People are strongly drawn to Raimi's temperament and appearance but I bet there is more than one puppy in this litter who will take after him. That said ... isn't Mr Popular *adorable*?

And at last the bar flies. You know those guys who stay at the bar far too long and end up with their noses in their drinks, slumped sideways on the bar, half falling off their stool? That's this bunch. All four are fast asleep with their mouths still attached to the bottle. How do you know they're asleep when their eyes are sealed shut? The famous puppy twitches.  

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Ellen said...

Their cute little pink feet are almost gone. I love pink feet! :)