Saturday, June 11, 2011

Men With Brooms

The day has finally come where Leeloo has accepted that she cannot sleep curled in a Ridgeball. She's been determined to sleep in her usual position because that is her favorite way to nap but she has now resigned herself to sleeping stretched out. Last night I was a little concerned as she groaned and moaned on the bed trying to breathe as her puppy bulk compressed her lungs. In the end I eased her over on her side and the rasping sounds of her breathing eased into a deep slumber.

This morning we were up early and after her breakfast she discovered that the sun is in a perfect position to warm her on my chair. She spent several minutes trying to find a comfortable arrangement in order to soak up as much of the long absent sun as she could. Puppies need vitamin D too you know.  

I will also note that the sun touches this particular chair between 6am and 7am. And it's Saturday. Because of Leeloo's insatiable appetite we were awake at this undoGly hour, we were also awake at 4 am to feed her but there's no way I'm getting up for the day 4am unless it's an emergency or we are heading to a dog show.  So here's to my little Sun Goddess, my Darling Bubbalicious, my Doodle Bug - enjoy your repose on this throne awash with the gentle caress of the sun ... time will soon see your lazy slumber cut short and replaced with the demands of motherhood.

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