Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The boys are no more excited to be woken from a nap to have their photos taken than the girls but they suffered the indignity with good grace. Then again, Mr Black didn't bother to stifle his yawns like a well mannered young man should.

Mr Blue of the glorious Rapunzel color tolerated my man-handling with a little more grace, and the original Mr Blue, his Daddy, came to see what all the fuss was about. It took him about 2 seconds to decide that the current Mr Blue was not only not worth his time, but surely not worth mine either. He just wants his Mommy back.

Mr Maroon was a little direct in how he felt about this interruption in his sleep schedule. He threw himself backwards in a fit of puppy rage and didn't want to hear about the millions(dozens?) of people who wanted to see his photo on the blog.

Mr White has had it rough so he settled right down for whatever torture I was prepared to offer. His Momma has been a little too diligent in her ministrations as regards his bottom so between my careful application of Polysporin and the utter indignity of it all he just said "Do what you will."

Mr Red and his darling white socks was just easy as pie to photograph. He's certainly a laid back sort of fellow and never makes a fuss. I should really have made him Mr White because I keep thinking that it's Mr White with the white feet but then have to correct myself because it's really Mr Red with the white feet.

Mr Green is showing off his completely gorgeous head and ears. He's certainly an eye catcher this one. He's got a slightly darker face and is certainly going to be a handsome sort of fellow when he grows up. I definitely want to keep an eye on him!

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