Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out

It's quite a warm day today so the puppies and Leeloo are all stretched out having a siesta and making occasional trips to the bar. Fortunately it's well stocked and I can tell this because the puppies are each gaining at least 3 ounces a day and a couple of them have gained 5 ounces in 24 hours. It's a marvel to see them change so drastically each day, I've had to change the ribbons on a couple of them more than once because they already outgrew them.

It's no surprise they have become so chubby so fast, they take eating very seriously. Once they get down to business and are in The Zone the sheer force of suction is quite impressive. Even Miss ORange, who is one of the smallest puppies, handles the matter of consumption with strict focus and determination. That pink tongue seals the vacuum and it's no holds barred until she is full or the well runs dry.

Mr. Black is one of the biggest puppies, next to his sister Miss Yellow, and although he is huge and a brute, he reminds me very strongly of Raimi. He will fall asleep in your hands very quickly, doesn't mind being held on his back, and seems to be a very relaxed sort of a fellow. It's strange how personalities, even at this young age, start to come out.

Then there are other priorties. It can easily be said that puppies this age, or any baby for that matter, does only one of two things for the first part of their lives. One is to eat as much and as often as possible - this is the other. And not only do they sleep, they sleep in a variety of positions that make my neck crick just looking at them. Mr Red has it about right.

Mr White and Miss Princess Pink (you can see her crown right between her shoulder blades there) are following the buddy system of sleeping. Make sure you always have someone to cuddle ... sort of a rule for life I think.  

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Steven and Kimberly said...

They make the cutest puppies out of every breed. We may be biased, but still! Thanks for posting all of the photos. It's fun to watch their progress. I think this is the 3rd litter that we have followed through your photos!