Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Days of Our Lives

When you're a hard working momma all you want to do at the end of the day is put your head down and take a breather. And since you've been working hard fattening up your puppies so they are rolly polly little pillows well ... why not just use them as pillows? Miss Yellow ended up being the cushion of choice tonight and since she's the biggest of the 4 girls, and we know how troublesome those gals can be, you might as well take advantage when you can. 

All of the puppies have now at least doubled their birth weight, some even more so. Since that is the case I will stop weighing the boys as most of them are too large for the scale and I'm confident their weight no longer needs tracking. The girls, however, aren't gaining as fast as the boys so I'll continue to weigh them, even Miss Yellow despite her pillow-like appearance, as Orange and Purple are by far the smallest two and although Pink is small but mighty she will get weighed just to make sure she is still making headway. We are only a week in but at the same time ... can you believe it's been a week already? We spent what seemed like ages anticipating their arrival and before you know it they will be with their new families and halfway to grown up. The Sands of Time wait for no puppy.

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