Friday, June 24, 2011


Ten days is a not a very long time to be alive but the puppies getting to ten days is always, for me, a turning point in their development. It's the time when I can relax a little more, go back to sleeping in my own bed, and Leeloo can take longer and longer breaks between feedings (by which I mean she can sleep on my bed without whining all night). It also means that from today forward eyes will start opening, walking will be attempted and they will turn into what most of society imagines when you say the word 'puppy'. But, since they are not quite there yet let us return to a time when they were just little sausages of downy fur with squashy faces and swimmy legs.

Miss Orange amused me the other day when she was nursing by using her foot to hold up the considerable bulk of the upper 'rack' so that she wasn't being smothered. It was probably accidental since puppies normally knead the milk bar and brace against the suction of eating but it was a cute action just the same. You can also see a little milk expressed from the nipple above from her pressure on it, that is how much milk Leeloo has ... it's just coming out on it's own.

And Miss Purple, all squished and cozy in her cocoon of siblings and Momma's body, appeared to be sucking on her 'thumb' in contentment. She was totally oblivious to the mad nursing going on around her and stayed fast asleep. Being the smallest puppy has it's advantages because you can fit into the smallest and warmest spaces.

And Mr Green, who I don't think has been featured much, is just an example of how lovely some of the colors are - the camera can't capture the exact shade but it's close enough. I am so excited to see how the light wheatons come out because at least half; Blue, Green, Maroon, Red, Orange and Pink, are a ridiculously accurate spun gold color - the kind of color you'd imagine Rapunzel's hair to be - but maybe don't tell the boys I compared them to a fairytale princess ...

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