Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Lion Meets His Match

After I got home from the party I put the two lions in the dog room on the ottoman that holds all the towels etc for the dogs. I thought they'd go best in there since the room since it's already decorated with African stuff.

Mysteriously the smaller of the lions made his way into the living room. Raimi looked rather pleased with himself and proceeded to tell the lion just what he thought of him. I suppose payback's a bitch. Raimi, of course also known as The Brave, chose the smaller of the two lions to show them he meant business. I replaced the lion in the dog room and somehow he ended up back in the livingroom.

Raimi seems to think the tail is removable. I'm quite sure it is. If Halo were here that lion would have seen the end long ago.

Perhaps this means that the Scottish sheep - from the actual place Scotland - is no longer a target. One can hope becuase Toys R Us is just down the road and Scotland is well ... a zillion miles away. Right now the lion is laying low in the middle of the livingroom. His appeal is lost til I put him back in the dog room. Then he'll be stolen goods again.

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