Monday, April 30, 2012

Golden Eye

When Leeloo's litter, the one she was born in, was announced, I instantly decided that I wanted one of the puppies. I already had The Boy and Halo and I knew that Halo's next litter was going to be her last. It was the middle of 2008 and I realized that the future was in another bitch since I wanted to keep a boy from Halo's final litter(that was Archer and he is now neutered). Leeloo entered my life and changed how I looked at the breed and what my preferred type is within the breed. What Leeloo has contributed has impressed me to no end but the thing I didn't really know I was getting when I bought her were her incredible eyes.

Oh, those Leeloo eyes. Melting, heart-rending, expressive, intelligent, and eerily intuitive; Leeloo's eyes never fail to convey how she is feeling and almost to the word, what she is thinking. They are remarkable to the point that at her first show weekend, after our first go round in the ring and we stopped for our exam, the judge said "Oh, aren't *you* pretty?" I knew then we had a shot at the points (but not Best Puppy in Show which is what those pretty eyes got us that day.)

I can't explain whether it's the shape, the correct round eye as in the breed standard, or simply the expression in them, but when Leeloo looks at me, Leeloo gets what Leeloo wants. I'm sure that will happen with Raylan who is currently demonstrating his mother's lovely eye and his father's excellent earset.  Oh Raylan, how I love thee.

Rue inherited her grandma Halo's darker face with her Momma's lighter color and she will be a heart stopper too. With the added depth and 'make-up' around her eyes and muzzle Rue's family is going to have a hard time saying no to this little monster. But why would you? She has never done anything wrong in her life. And probably never will.

Zeke is going to turn the heads of all the ladies! He's more like his mom than his dad and I expect he's going to be a lovely size and a totally correct boy who, with those killer eyes and lovely temperament, will make friends where ever he goes.

Oh dear Peggy. You ended up with more Dad than Mom but never mind, you got those eyes and that's what we're looking for today. It's strange to see photos of the puppies from the last litter because when I look at most of them I see Raimi's head looking at me using Leeloo's eyes. I'll have to gather some recent photos of the last litter so you can see what I mean. I missed a few puppies in this photo session and will have to wait until the weather improves (again) to get them outside - Vesper, Kota and Kenzi ... I didn't forget you.

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