Sunday, April 29, 2012

Demolition Man

The bigger the puppies get the more concerted their efforts to create mayhem. They are conspiring in their naughty behaviour and it's a little un-nerving. Good thing they start to leave in a week! Little Rue here is pretty excited and if her new home has any plants or bushes that need trimming she's up for the task.  

Kota (Mini) is glad to be travelling with her sister Emma, they are quite the pair and of all the girls these two are the most demanding. Emma is the most personable puppy I think I've ever had. If there's a puppy tugging at my pant leg, nine times out of ten it's Emma - she loves to be spoken to, petted and her mission in life is to give you as many kisses as possible in as short a time span as possible.  Kota is the busy-bee puppy who is always finding something to get into, chase, chew, and drag - good thing she'll have Emma to squash in Calgary.

Zeke is also quite the little character and he definitely knows his own mind! He stands up for himself and is quite demanding when he wants to be. Both the boys, Raylan and Zeke, have very similar personalities because they are both confident, inquisitive and fearless... not always a good combination!

Peggy is learning that sticks and grass are good for flossing. Let's hope she has lots of vegetation to choose from at her home in New Brunswick. I hear her owners are building a new house at an acreage so not only will there be lots of room to run but she'll also be able to help landscape. Ridgebacks are excellent landscapers ... just ask my garden.

It's strange, still, to think of these guys as the tiny one pound babies born a few short weeks ago. In only 55 days they have grown from blind, deaf, helpless sausages into 12 pound monsters bent on the destruction of my house and mental stability. Hard to believe unless you live to tell the tale.

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