Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time Burglars

These photos are from two days ago and looking back at them it occurs to me that I need to take more because they have grown even from 48 hours ago and I can tell the difference even if no one else can. Miss Pink doesn't think she is any bigger, maybe the world is shrinking.

Miss Red is looking forward to not having to share her bones with anyone else. She took a second to herself on one of the dog beds to enjoy a peaceful moment. They don't last long around here!

Light Wheaton boy is Mr Adventure when it comes to exploration and investigation. Both the boys tend to be on the bolder side with forays deep into the house. I can often find one or the other off in some corner where they've gotten themselves trapped in unfamiliar territory.

Miss Lime took these long legs for her mother's and started the investigation into whether the owner would provide her with a little snack. Cora set her on the straight and narrow but you can see how it would be an easy mistake to make!

Miss Purple impresses me with her confidence, good bone density and pretty head and earset. She is going to be a head turner when she's all grown up! In fact they all will and rightfully so! I'm still making decisions about who will be placed in which homes but rest assured, when I have made my final evaluations everyone will be with the right family.

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