Friday, April 13, 2012

The Addams Family

The puppies are interacting more and more each day and as with any sibling relationship where there's playing there's arguing! While learning to wrestle, tackle, chew and pounce on each other is an important part of a puppy's development, knowing when to quit and when to say 'no' is also critical. Being told to back off by an irritated sibling often erupts into bickering and a mini stand-off usually ensues. There's a bit of a puppy show down that typically results in a truce although sometimes I have to intervene by picking up one of the trouble-makers. Right now is a great time for them to learn when to let an argument lie because they can't hurt each other. It's mostly bravado and noise anyway although it can often sound like a puppy death-match.

By the time they're 8 weeks old they've already developed an understanding about what buttons to push, what not to push, when to back off, how to invite play without being (too) annoying and who they prefer to play with - they do have favorites! They learn dog language from each other, their mother and their sister (their Dad mostly runs away in horror or studiously ignores them). Esme teaches them that there are dogs out there that don't look like they do and how to read dogs whose eyes are hidden! We are setting them up for success by allowing them to work things out on their own (with a referee), teach good behaviour and correct inappropriate actions. There are some things dogs can only learn as baby puppies and at this critical time in their lives they are little sponges of Baby Booble.

Cora has certainly put her oar in more than I ever thought she would. Her unequivocal delight at realizing these were little animated toys she could play with is a true joy to watch. She is (mostly) careful when she plays with them, listens when I correct her (usually) and is pushing her, and their, mother out of the way to greet them in the morning. She definitely likes to bury herself in her work! Keep up the good work Cora ... it's only going to get more insane from here on in!  

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