Sunday, April 15, 2012


I took a bunch of photos of the puppies yesterday afternoon but for some reason blogger doesn't want to load them so I'll try again tomorrow. It did let me load two which probably isn't enough for the masses but it will have to do for today. I don't want to say the other photos are better, just that they are equally adorable and beautiful. Raylan here, who was Mr Light Wheaton, is named after the TV show Justified and if you've ever seen it you will love it as much as Raylan's owner Sandra and I do! When she suggested Bowen as his name I was sort of 'meh' about it (although it's not my puppy so it was her decision). Her husband Donnie suggested Raylan and it was an instant hit. Justified is about US Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens and his little namesake is all about laying down the law with his siblings! Good thing too ... he has Archer and Tyson to keep in line at his new home.

The other photo that Blogger arbitrarily allowed to load was this curious one of Miss Pink. Initially I couldn't figure out what she was doing, her sister had done the same thing only seconds before. The sun was shining behind them and casting their shadow on the floor in front of them. They could see their shadow moving and both puppies leaned in for a closer inspection. Miss Pink/Emma was the only one I could catch quick enough because as soon as they got close the shadow detail disappeared and they lost interest. Doesn't take much!

Hopefully I can get the other photos to load tomorrow, perhaps Blogger is suffering from a cuteness overload and needs a break!

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