Saturday, April 28, 2012

Showdown at Heartbreak Pass

If I wasn't a breeder with and was not looking for the puppy with the best structure and breed type my choice in this litter would be Mini/Kota based on sheer adorable-ness and moxy. She is a little spunky firework and her new owners will have quite a project on their hands! She is, hands down, the cutest Ridgeback I've ever seen and her little white sock makes her that much cuter.

Kenzi is quite the looker but in a totally different way. She is headed to Newfoundland where hopefully she will make her way into the show ring. I plan on seeing her in action at her first show in November ... my first time to Newfoundland and I can't wait.  (How *do* you pronounce 'Newfoundland' anyway? I learned just the other day - say 'understand' and then say 'Newfoundland'. If they rhyme you're saying the province name correctly - unless you don't know how to pronounce 'understand'!)

Who's not impressed? Vesper. She's also going to Newfoundland to be a show dog and frankly it sounds boring. She heard through the grapevine that there are other things to do on The Rock that beat a dog show no question.

Raylan is also going to be shown, only I'll be at the end of the lead here in Nova Scotia. I'm sure at this point anything is better than getting the snot beaten out of him by Cora. Little does he know that Cora will be a frequent play mate as he grows and probably for the rest of his life. Doesn't that sound fun Raylan? Tezlin thinks so but only because she will be in BC and not getting beaten to a pulp by Cora. It's fun to think of the puppies and all the potential they hold, be it show homes or companion homes, and let's face it, they are all companion homes, some just end up going to a dog show once in a while.

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kater said...

My girl is gorgeous! I hope this week flies!