Tuesday, April 3, 2012


These fat little bodies are now 3 weeks old and it's hard to imagine them from 3 weeks ago just arriving on planet Earth as strange little sightless, deaf, and completely helpless little creatures. The helpless part hasn't changed much but fortunately they have their mother and me to ensure they continue as they've started. They also have their big sister Cora to keep an eye on them, whether they like it or not.

It occurred quite recently to Cora that these little creatures might actually be DOGS and that realization has come as a bit of a shock. She has employed the usual habits of poking, prodding and nibbling on them which is disconcerting when she outweighs them by at least 75 lbs. They put up with her supervised attention with good grace, mostly because they have no choice and also because it's just part of growing up.

Pretty soon the tables will turn and it will be nine little hellions chasing her. For now they still dog pile and cling to each other in times of concern but it won't be long before there is adventuring and exploration and soon enough after that they will be investigating their own new homes.

Today I look at this little collection of bodies and marvel, tomorrow I may sigh in exasperation, and the next day I may wonder why on earth I did this to myself yet again. Mr Light Wheaton knows the answer ... it's all in the opportunity to look at a face like this.

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kater said...

He is just too gorgeous! They all are! 5 weeks can't go by fast enough!