Thursday, April 5, 2012

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

Cora has been allowed to interact more with the puppies in the last day or so - Leeloo doesn't like her hanging around when she's feeding them but when the dinner hour is over and the puppies want entertaining Leeloo is out and Cora is in. I think Miss Orange here thinks Cora is going to be a fun big sister.

Mr Light Wheaton got a little back rub from Cora - actually it was a nibble. Cora loves to give happy little nibbles - they are very gentle, rarely pinch and never break the skin - puppy or otherwise. This trait is directly descended from Halo through Raimi both of whom like to 'corn-cob'.

Chances are good that if you get one of these puppies they will do it to and it's not really bad behaviour (even though they are using their teeth on you) since it seems to be a show of affection or happiness. Raimi does it when he is especially delighted with some praise I am giving him although he usually reserves it for nibbling on blankets or bedding. Miss Yellow is on the receiving end and though it's probably hard to tell, her hind leg is raised to do the invisible scratching that so many dogs are apt to do when getting a particularly nice rub somewhere.

Miss Purple stole a moment to sniff Cora's ear when she wasn't looking. Cora is busy nibbling on someone else!

Miss Orange gets close and personal with Cora who also likes to poke - just like her Daddy Boy. Poking is also a sign of affection or interest. Sometimes it's curiosity and we can thank the combination of Grandma Halo and Grandpa Travis for that one.

A whispered moment between sisters. This is Miss Red telling Cora all about having to live with eight siblings. I'm sure Cora can tell her that she has it easy since Cora was raised with nine siblings! She can also tell her that soon enough she will have her own family and won't have to compete for attention.

Uh oh. That little Orange head could quite easily fit inside that great mouth. Actually, all of Miss Orange would likely fit! This is why interaction between Cora and the puppies is supervised, I don't think Cora would hurt them on purpose but she and they are not aware of their size difference - Cora also tends to be on the clumsy side even at the best of times!

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